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Brenda Pratt - Songwriter and Vocalist

Brenda,Pratt,Sugar,BeatsHi there, my name is Brenda Pratt and I have lived in the southwest all of my life.  I was born in Utah and grew up in California, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. I have spent the last twenty five years in Arizona with my husband, Matthew.  We enjoy a good game of golf together and we both love the outdoors.  Arizona is where we have raised our two children and are now enjoying watching our grandkids grow up.  For the past twenty three years we have owned and operated our own road side Café.  The Morning Star Café in Palominas.

My love for music has been with me as long as I can remember.  I sang in every chorus that was available to me throughout my school years. Since moving to AZ I have enjoyed singing with the Bisbee Community Chorus as well as singing in smaller groups. A couple of years ago I met Becky Reyes.  We quickly became good friends with a shared passion. At the time I was singing with another friend, Kathleen Shaughnessy.  Becky invited us to sing with her and when we all got together our voices blended perfectly together with hers. We hope you will enjoy listening to us.  We have been through some changes. We are no longer a trio but are looking to expand our repertoire as a duo, as well as rework some of our old songs that we did as a trio.

Becky Reyes - Songwriter, Vocalist and Accompanist

Becky,Reyes,Sugar,BeatsBecky came from a musical family. Her maternal grandfather, Ignacio Gaytan was a rancher by trade but a musician at heart. He played the fiddle. His daughter (and Becky's mom), Becky Gaytan, played piano. Young Becky started playing piano when she was 7 years old. In her teens, she developed an interest, and has been playing guitar, writing music and performing both originals and covers since 1988. She began her musical career in earnest in western New York's Finger Lakes Region. She arrived in Arizona in 1996 and has been playing with her husband, Scott Muhleman in venues in Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties.

One of Becky's passions is singing harmony. She was asked to join the group in November, 2013 and although the trio is now a duo, playing and singing with Sugar Beats has been a highlight in her musical life.