New Directions, New Music

Brenda, Pratt, Becky, Reyes, Sugar, Beats, Vocals, Duo, Arizona, Palominas, Bisbee, Classic, MusicHello!

Sugar Beats have decided to continue as a singing duo.

Brenda and Becky are busy selecting and learning new music as well as reworking lots of songs they sang as a trio. It's hard losing an essential member of the group and it's even harder to find someone who shares their taste in music. We thought about open auditions, guest vocalists and a few other options, but one thing is for sure, we want to continue and we want to grow!

Becky's husband, Scott Muhleman will be present in more than a few songs blowing his harps and maybe even singing a song or two. As people get to know Scott's work on the harps, he is developing a bit of a following and we want to encourage that.

That's all we have this month, but we'll be sure to keep everyone posted. We're still doing Ribs & Rehearsal night at the Morning Star Cafe in beautiful downtown Palominas but this month only it will be on the second Wednesday, May 13. Please stop by and have a plate and listen to some of our new songs! We're looking forward to it!

Best wishes always and much love to you!

~Brenda & Becky